Adults Need Fidgets

Fidgets for adults

Jumbo Noah - Blue - Solid Rings (NHBEJD)Recently, an instructional coach visited an elementary classroom and was not surprised to find an individual bounding their leg as they attempted to stay focused on a discussion. What was surprising was the individual was not a student. Instead, it was the teacher who was meeting with the coach to discuss how to keep students engaged during her lessons. Kids aren’t the only culprits of leg bouncing and pencil tapping. Many adults also struggle with stay focused during meetings, repetitive tasks, and other on-the-job duties.

At a recent conference for school leaders, a woman sat in the third row of the audience intently focused on the speaker. Even though she was surrounded by school principals and assistant principals who deal with distracted learners on a regular basis, her bouncing leg was disruptive to those around her. Like many who struggle with attention deficit disorder, she didn’t even realize she was bouncing her leg. During interactive presentation, she was called upon by the speaker who mentioned she seemed nervous. Obviously, even he noticed her leg bouncing, only she had a tool in her pocket that she could discretely use, she may have avoided being embarrassed in front of her peers.

Adults need fidget toys, too. As an adult, it is expected that one can focus and complete tasks in a timely manner. This expectation can be very frustrating to someone who struggles to stay in the moment. Today, more than ever, adults’ attention is drawn in many directions. Technology has created the perfect storm for many adults with ADHD. Their attention is constantly being drawn to incoming emails, text messages, and phone calls as they attempt to complete tasks or focus during meetings. Fidgetland has created fidget toys designed to help adults who are easily distracted stay attentive to their task at hand.

Professional development companies have recommended that presenters provide easily accessible items, such as paperclips and stress balls, for their audience to fidget with during long presentations. Many adults have found this to be helpful to their ability to focus during lengthy meetings and training sessions. According to Kathryn Isbiister for The Daily Good, fidget toys for adults are not a fad that will go away soon. These best-selling toys have become a tool used by many over the age of eighteen to help them on the job. What may have started as a school-age craze, has found its way to the desks of many young adults who find themselves struggling to focus with so many disruptions to their attention during the work day.

For adults with attention issues, finding just the right level of mental stimulation that is discrete is imperative. Depending on the task, optimal mental stimulation can vary. What works for one person, may not work for another. Tailoring to customers’ needs has driven Fidgetland to develop 10 different designs for their fidget toys. These pock-sized devices provide adults with many options to meet their needs.

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