Category Archives: Fidgetland Blog NOAH Fidget is a “Without equal fidget toy and the primary in our line of fidgets” says that the Noah fidget is a “without equal fidget toy and the primary in our line of fidgets. Noah has two interlocking rings which can be connected in conjunction with five links on every ring. The middle link is bigger and has a latex free silicone band that rolls backward and forward like a treadmill.”

EDC Toys Gives Fidgetland’s “Rizzle” High Ratings for Stress Relief Toys

  EDC Toys (Everyday Carry, which refers to the objects that we like to have on us at all times) recently rated Fidgetland’s “Rizzle” as a featured stress-relief toy with a perfect score 10/10 for Fidgetness, 8/10 for Portability and 8/10 for Repeatability, stating, “Stress relief toys are inexpensive, they’re really fidgety, quite portable and have […]

Adults Need Fidgets

Fidgets for adults

Recently, an instructional coach visited an elementary classroom and was not surprised to find an individual bounding their leg as they attempted to stay focused on a discussion. What was surprising was the individual was not a student. Instead, it was the teacher who was meeting with the coach to discuss how to keep students […]

‘Noah’ Fidget recently chosen as the #1 Best ADHD Fidget Toys for Children and Adults – Top 20 Sensory Fidgets

Our “Noah” Fidget was recently chosen by ADHD Boss as the #1 Best ADHD Fidget Toys for Children and Adults – Top 20 Sensory Fidgets. Read more here. The “Noah” comes in 9 different colors and Adult & Child sizes. Get yours today.    

Was Your Child’s Spinning Fidget Toy Banned From School? Try This Instead

“Noah is a solution for fidgeting children and adults alike. It’s school-friendly, and even better, it’s considerably less distracting than shaking your leg! I’ve been a high-functioning fidgeter for the majority of my life, but this simple little toy helped me focus immediately.” Read this article at    

National Autism Awareness Month

As National Autism Awareness month is recognized in the month of April, we take a look at one of the interesting aspects of treating symptoms in autistic children and adults: fidgeting. While there is no cure for autism, there are ways to alleviate some of the symptoms – in particular, sensory issues. People with autism […]

Nail Biters Rejoice–and Fidget!!

For those of us who bite our nails (or cuticles), the behavior is completely ingrained. We do it without even thinking because we’re nervous, anxious, or just have this specific tick. Nail biting can be embarrassing. For starters, it’s pretty disgusting to have your hands in your mouth on a near-constant basis. (Not to mention […]