Fidget Toys to Manage Your ADHD

Fidgets for school

From the time we’re young, we learn that we can control anything we want. How many times has someone said to you that with a little discipline, you can get over whatever hurdles you might be facing? The old “mind over matter” argument is pretty common–and very frustrating to those of us who can’t seem to figure out how to really exercise that kind of self-control. And for people with ADHD, it can be extra difficult and frustrating to control challenging symptoms. The thing is, though, that you can do something to make life much easier: you can fidget toys to manage your ADHD.

fidget to manage your ADHD

A study from Perdue University did a study on the factors that help children with ADHD succeed in the classroom. The study showed that the attention “deficit” comes when a task is repetitive, long, or familiar. That is to say: if a task is boring, it’ll provoke people–especially if they have ADHD–to tune it out! On the other hand, if you do something that uses a sense other than the one required for a primary task (like fidgeting with your hand while you work on a math problem), you can actually focus your mind better on the primary task. This is where fidget toys are great for people with ADHD!

Fidgeting is a mindless sensory-motor activity that you can do while you’re working on a primary task. It’s more intentional than just wriggling around in your seat; at its best, fidgeting is done deliberately. It is constructive, and our fidget toys are specifically designed to be effective. They don’t distract from the primary task because they don’t require any thought. They don’t distract others or seem disrespectful.

Fidgeting works for many children who have ADHD, and the science proves it!


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