Fidgetland Gives Back

We make fidgets to help people but fidgetland gives back: we also give a percentage of sales from to charities that support add/adhd and autism.

For more info on how Fidgetland gives back, click here:

Academy for precision learning (APL).

The Academy for Precision Learning is a K-12 school that provides a nurturing, inclusive, and individualized learning experience for neurodiverse students. APL offers targeted opportunities that promote the academic achievement and social development of students who benefit from a smaller, supportive learning environment. Students are engaged in developmentally appropriate, data-informed, individualized experiences that put them on a path to achieving their greatest potential. APL meets our students where they are at, supporting each student to build on their unique strengths to become a curious and engaged life-long learner who celebrates diversity, practices self-advocacy, and generates impact in their community.